I have been lazy..

Ever since WordPress changed its format, I HATE writing here. I don’t know why. It doesnt work for me. But that’s just a bad excuse, I guess. I SO need topost more often 😦

Anybody else going through posting slumps?



50 Day Challenge Of Random Things- Day#10

Started by Rawan, Myself and I, I had begun doing this challenge months ago, I’ve evn skipped days, but this challenge is so cool that I couldn’t resist continuing, although I’m too irregular.

Today’s topic: Post a song that you can’t stand

And the award goes to….


Aww, darlin’ Justin Bieber with his cute face! Am I impressed? Noooo.. -_-

I’m not even sorry, Beliebers..

But I’m really sorry its such a catchy song.. UGGGHHH!!!!!

And that’s not where the list begins and ends..

I have something against debut songs maybe, but this ong.. Ughh!!!! What kind of lyrics are these?? Like dude, get a life, have other things to worry about!!!!

And last but not the least…

Was the name meant to be so ironic?

Please please please watch this video! Please!!! I promise you, you’ll be tempted to hear the Justin Bieber song again to cleanse your eyes and ears!! Please guys, just this one video. *ROFL*


(Sorry fans of the  above song/ artists, but no offense meant to you or anything.. 😉 )



What’s your favorite word ??

(First published 10 months ago)

My post about favorite songs (Share your Melody) got really interesting replies, and I’m urging more people to share their views. But today I have a new question, one that I love asking people. I don’t know if any of you have ever given this a thought, but-

All of us have this one (or a few) favorite word(s). A word that tells our story. A word that perhaps no one else will know the significance of. Whenever this word is uttered, you stop for a second and THINK. Or maybe you just like the way it sounds on your lips, or the meaning of the word, or the fact that it is rarely used. Whatever the reason is, each of us have a story behind this word.

So think about it share your favorite word…I mean, really, leaving a comment is not going to hurt you…:-P



P.S.- I have two favorite words- memory and paramour…:-)

Love : What/ Who does that word make you think of?

Sounds so cheesy, right?? What can I say, I’m one of those girls. Those hopeless romantics who think that love is the solution to all problems. And if you are anything like me, then you get my question. Right? So who do you think of when you hear this insanely common, often misinterpreted, confusing word? Or what do you think is the meaning of “love”? Here are a few of the definitions of love I found lying around (Just for the fun of it) : So are you suffering from amor deliria nervosa?? (uh, it means love.. “Delirium” reference). Okay, so even if its not romantic love, it must remind you of SOMEONE?? Or atleast a word? A definition? A dream? Me and my comment box eagerly await your stories. ❤

My first proper attempt at photography

I have always loved clicking pictures but I don’t own a fancy camera, so I never thought of creative photography or anything.

But that day in school I was sitting next to the window when it started raining. My diary was open and it got totally drenched. The ink ran and everything. My friend was like, “You should take a pic of that and post it. It’ll look pretty cool if you take the photo well. ” So here I am Aditi, taking your advice. 😀


Okay, so maybe the picture isn’t so good, but judge me on my effort. 😛

I’ve never really seen RAIN water drenching a page so badly before, have you? 😀

One chance to wish..

This lyrics from the song Airplanes frames my question very well. There are so many things we wish for. So many unfulfilled daydreams, so many wistful sighes. But if you had ONE, only ONE chance, which of your million wishes blown would you choose to have fulfilled?? What would YOU wish for if you had one chance??

The comment box is all yours..