Quote Of The Day (10th May)

All The Bright Places,

Jennifer Niven.

*bursts into tears*

How many of you read this book?


Top 10 places I want to visit….someday

I just saw pictures of how this girl I used to know had visited Paris ( PARIS!!! ) and, well, this list sort of came up..If I had the magic carpet (= money), I’d go to these places.. 😀

  1. North Carolina- USA

I’m going to blame Nicholas Sparks for this.. Seriously, ALL his books describe this place in such great detail !!

2. West Virginia- USA

Almost heaven, West Virginia…. Country roads 😉

3. Paris- France

Anna and the French Kiss!!!! Ever since I read this book… ❤

4. Norway

I once saw this show on TV about this country which totally had me wanting to go FEEL this place. And plus, I’ve wanted to see the Northern Lights since I was 9 years old, so…

5. Venice- Italy

Have any of you watched Letters To Juliet? 🙂

6. Munnar- India

Its in my country, so there might be a real possiblity of going here.. 🙂

7. Darjeeling- India

Its in my own STATE and I’ve never been here, can you believe it???? 😦

8. New York- USA

Well, duh..

9. London- Great Britain

10. Andaman And Nicobar Islands- India

Mainly because of the beaches.. 😀

So have you been to any of these places? And what are your dream destinations?? 🙂