Legend says…

They say you are worthless, you never have and never will deserve my love, and sometimes at night, when the lights are long gone, I wonder if they are right. But in the morning , when I see you again, I don’t remember a single reason for not loving you. They say you are Narcissus, obsessed with your own self, selfish and oblivious to love coming from any other direction. They say I’m Echo, forever pining away for her “perfect” Narcissus, with no real life of her own. They say this story ends with me wasting away without your love and you drowning in your own vices. And I believe them. I know its true. But maybe I want to be Echo, maybe I want you to be Narcissus, just so that history carries our names together, binding them to each other in an inseparable bond. Maybe all I want is to be remembered, but only with you.

For the legend of Narcissus and Echo :http://www.echo.me.uk/legend.htm

What’s your favorite word ??

(First published 10 months ago)

My post about favorite songs (Share your Melody) got really interesting replies, and I’m urging more people to share their views. But today I have a new question, one that I love asking people. I don’t know if any of you have ever given this a thought, but-

All of us have this one (or a few) favorite word(s). A word that tells our story. A word that perhaps no one else will know the significance of. Whenever this word is uttered, you stop for a second and THINK. Or maybe you just like the way it sounds on your lips, or the meaning of the word, or the fact that it is rarely used. Whatever the reason is, each of us have a story behind this word.

So think about it share your favorite word…I mean, really, leaving a comment is not going to hurt you…:-P



P.S.- I have two favorite words- memory and paramour…:-)

50 Day Challenge Of Random Things- Day #2

Today’s topic:

Write whatever it is in your head right now.

So here we go….

Okay, call me a romantic, call me a fool. Call me hard-headed, call me cheesy. But it doesn’t change the fact that as always, he’s the one thing on my mind. His jet-black hair, his strong big hands, his voice- I can picture them as perfectly as I can picture the back of my hand. We couldn’t possibly be more different, me and him. We couldn’t possibly be more impossible. Around him, I’m even more disorganized than I already am. His non-existent perfections lure me.

He confuses me, but somehow I’m at peace with him. Because with him, I never pretend to be something I am not. Don’t get me wrong, its not like he likes girls like me. In fact, I am so out of his league that its not even funny. But somehow, even though I’ve wanted to, I never have managed to be different around him. I’m just me.

Its not easy to like, or be infatuated to (or whatever philosophical word I should use for this feeling) a person who nobody likes. They all say he is worthless, he’s stupid, he’s completely NOT my type. But I just CAN’T explain why I feel whatever I feel for him. Yes, he’s not exactly highly intellectual, he’s a show-off, he has countless flaws. But at the end of the day, he makes me happy. Like truly, genuinely happy. With his completely pointless and stupid jokes he brightens up my day. He sometimes chooses to talk to me even when I’m in the midst of a crowd, and although I know he does that because he’s just that kind of a guy…..it makes smile.

So in a year probably I’ll forget all about him. Maybe years later I’ll see my old history book where he wrote the names of his favorite songs, and think, oh, yes, him. But I’m pretty sure the memory of him will make me smile even then. That’s so much better than a person who makes you cry, isn’t it?

Uuuhhh, sorry if that does not make sense. Random thoughts are hard to pin down. XD

Merge (My present#1 from Lines With Signs)

I wish our bones merged into one, so you would see there’s no way out of our togetherness.

Just as our souls did a long time ago….

I have been following the blog Lines With Signs since I started blogging. Its probably the most different blog I’ve come across till now, one of my favorites. Why?? Just check it out:


So a few days ago, I came across a post on this blog:

#Present For LWS Followers#

And guess what, after mailing the story of my life in just a few lines, I got three lines which suited my story perfectly, Merge being the first.

One thing I learnt from blogging, sometimes strangers understand you so much better than even your closest “friends”. And I say “friends” because plain and simple friends are supposed to understand you, but “friends” a whole different story.

Thank you so much LWS for making sense out of that one email full of rambling and creating these lines. 🙂 🙂 ^-^

Liebster Award #2.5


Thank you thecrazyperfectionist, and If We Shadows Have Offended  for nominating me again!! But since I have no else to nominate after Liebster Award #2. Actually I’m too lazy to type out separate posts. Yes, you got it right, I’m a blogger who hates typing. How ironic, right??

So moving on to the questions..

If We Shadows Have Offended’s questions- Set 1 (I’m sorry, I don’t even know your name, so I had to write your blog’s !! *apologetic smile* )

1. What is your ultimate OTP?

There are so many!!!

But I have three favorites at this moment: Percy-Annabeth, and Etienne-Anna from Anna And The French Kiss, and Christian-Anastasia from 50 Shades Of Grey. Sorry, I CAN’T choose one. I admit that I had been evil while I asked you people to choose one favorite book character !! I’m sorry !! 😛

2. Top 3 favourite book-to-movie adaptions?

Harry Potter series, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory ( Although I watched only half of it, that too, day before yesterday *ducks rocks thrown* ) and A Walk To Remember.

3. Any siblings?

Yes, a sister. Unfortunately. Nah, she’s not that bad. As long as she keeps her mouth shut. And sits still in some other room. And stops running after me all the time.


That is my sister. In a saree. 😀

And those are pictures of me and her..


4. What were your childhood ambitions?

I always wanted to be a librarian, for the obvious reason. I know, ambitious right?? I also used to want to become a singer. :-/

5. The last song you listened to?

I just finished listening to Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding. And now I’m listening to Impossible by Shontelle. ❤

6. Favourite word?

Paramour and memories.

Recent favorite: eccedentiast. It means :

7. Most interesting character name you’ve seen?

Willy Wonka. Like, how cool is that?

I also love the name Dare from Nocte by Courtney Cole. His actual name Adair DuBray but we get to call him Dare. *wink*

8. Favourite ice cream flavour?

Chocolate, and Cola. And Vanilla because I’m boring.

9. Favourite Disney movie?

Tangled. ❤ Eugene… *dreamy eyes*

10. Do you say “Zee” or “Zed” to describe the letter Z?

Zed. Learnt it that way since kindergarten.

Bhramori’s questions:

1. What made you start blogging and what do you like the most about it?

My book playlists. I needed to share them so much!! And they’re still my favorite part of blogging. 😀

2. If you were allowed to spend a day with any one fictional character, whom would you choose?

One day?? One day only?? *sigh* You know its Patch from Hush, Hush.

3. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would that be?

My looks, duh…

4. If you’re told that you can only have either music or books, what’d be your choice? Which book or song would you choose to have with you?

Books. I can sing, so I’ll create my own music, huh!!

Only one book?? Are you kidding me??? Okay- I choose If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern. Or maybe Slammed by Colleen Hoover. I don’t know!!!!! And if I did choose a song, it would be Need you now by Lady Antebellum. I’ll never stop loving that song.

5. Top 5 book quotes?

How the hell do I choose a top 5???? Trying..

1. “Sometimes, when you are not getting the love you want, giving makes you think you will.”  – The Time keeper

2.“You love me. Real or not real?”
I tell him, “Real.” _ Mockingjay

3. Percy jackson:

4. Slammed:


5. 50 shades of grey:

6. Top 5 song lyrics?

Sorry, I can’t type so much. Check this post out : Top 10 favorite song quotes

7. While going for a book, what do you mainly base your choice on? The cover? Summary? Reviews? Ratings?

Summary. Always. Obviously.

8. Ice-cream, chocolate or pizzas?

I’m not particularly in love with any of these. Ice- creams, maybe? Because its summer, and I might just combust in the heat.

9. Indoors or outdoors?

Indoors, curled up in a chair reading a book. No wonder I keep growing fatter.

10. Violin or piano?


There’s a story behind that…

Once upon a time there lived a boy who played the violin. In that same time, lived a girl who loved books. They went to the same school, sat together in third grade. Within the course of time, the girl fell for this guy, but the guy never really liked her. Eight years later, he leaves this school. The girl moves on ( I guess) but you what they say about first love??

Anyways, moving on..

If We Shadows Have Offended’s questions (set 2):

Just saw that you nominated me again!! 😀

1. What celebrity do you find most annoying?

Kristen Stewart:

Enough said.

2. Speak any other languages?

Bengali and Hindi.

3. When you’ve lost something, where was the weirdest place you found it?

In the grass by the swimming pool. I lost my gold earrings there once and then found it!!

4. Favourite book starting with the same letter as your first name?

Slammed by Colleen Hoover.

5. Fan fictions – yay or nay?

Hardly read any, but why not??

6. List of all of your fictional boyfriends/girlfriends. It can be as long or as many as you want it to be.

Sorry, again. Can’t type that long so check out the post: Top 25 swoon-worthy book heroes.

7. Favourite memory?

Fifth grade Art classes. The best time ever.

8. Favourite sandwich topping?

I don’t like (so I don’t have) sandwiches. 😛

9. Favourite non-YA book?

If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern.

10. Children’s book with a memory attached to it?

Oscar Wilde short stories.

Remember the violin story I told you a while ago in this post? So the two characters used to read this book together in third grade…


Oh my god, the questions were sooo cool!! I loved answering them. Thanks again, guys!!