I have been lazy..

Ever since WordPress changed its format, I HATE writing here. I don’t know why. It doesnt work for me. But that’s just a bad excuse, I guess. I SO need topost more often 😦

Anybody else going through posting slumps?



Uhhh, some help, please? :3

So I’m sitting infront of my computer with 15 minutes in my hand, wondering what the hell to post after 2 months of no proper post. And I have no clue what to write. Its like my mind is blank.

I could try completing my 50 day (ha!) challenge.

I could post an awesome quote.

I could write a book review.

I could post a poem.

Or a pic of Ian Somerhalder.

But somehow, nothing seems enough. Does that explain how restless I’ve become? I don’t know why. Maybe its because I’m insanely busy these days, or maybe simply because my concentration level has gone down to zero, but whatever the reason- I have become crazy restless. I NEED to do something new.

So people, any advice, please??

*sheepish look*

Help me out guys…..

Okay, so anybody who has been following my blog regularly is probably wondering, what exactly does this girl want to write about?? I have written reviews, made playlists, made top 10 lists, written short stories, changed my blog’s tag line, edited my About page- all in less than 2 weeks. So, I’ll be very honest- I don’t know what to do. I’m getting a similar number of likes for any topic I write on. But then how many short stories, playlists, reviews, or lists can a person create per month when I’m not even sure exactly what people want??

I started out in a very impersonal manner, and would have been anonymous if I didn’t need to share the reviews and playlists with some of my friends. But now I’m feeling this intense urge to make this blog a bit more personal, without bearing my soul to the world.

I’m not here to send out a message or turn the world upside-down with my views. I just need a platform to share my thoughts- no matter what the topic is. So I’m just hoping to get some opinion as to whether or not I should keep writing regularly in my indecisive manner. Or whether my style is just plain boring. Or whether I should just make up my mind ..Aaaaand, now I’m rambling and have probably confused you.

Okay, I don’t know why I’m writing this post.

I don’t know whether to actually post this.

See, indecisive.

I just….hope you get what I mean…


😛 thelonelybooklover