Unmaking Hunter Kennedy Playlist

Just finished reading the book and created this playlist…

1. Secrets- One Republic ( Hunter’s initial condition)

2. You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift ( Vere’s feelings for Curtis)

3. Numb- Linkin Park (Hunter’s feelings while leaving LA)

4. Everything has changed- Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran ( When they first meet)

5. I’d Lie- Taylor Swift ( Vere’s feelings for Hunter/Dustin)

6. Beautiful soul- Jesse McCartney ( Hunter’s feelings for Vere)

7. Just The Way You Are- Bruno Mars ( Hunter’s feelings when Vere cuts her hair short)

8. State of Grace- Taylor Swift ( Vere’s feelings at the end)

9. I’ll Be Your Hero- Sterling knight ( Hunter’s feelings at the end)

Comments and advices please… 🙂