Yes I am jealous.
Absolutely green with envy.
Jealous of the Sun and the Moon,
Their forever love story.
Jealous of how it seems like Time stops for them.
The Sun and the Moon
Frozen in space
Coexisting since forever.
They can’t touch
But they can see each other all the time.
I am absolutely green with envy.

Yes I am jealous.
So much, it rips my heart apart.
Jealous of the guitar and its strings,
Their musical, melodious love song.
Jealous of how they always stay together.
The guitar and its strings
Making music, making love
Incomplete without each other.
They can’t touch
But they can see each other all the time.
I am so jealous, it rips my heart apart.

Yes I am jealous.
Its killing me everyday.
Jealous of the moth and the flame,
Their enigmatic attraction.
Jealous of the undeniable pull.
The moth and the flame
The moth wanting the warmth
The flame wanting the company.
They can’t touch
But they can see each other all the time.
I am dying everyday.

Yes I am jealous.
Oh so jealous. So much.
Of the grey clouds and green leaves
Of the waves and the palm trees
Of poets and poems.
They can’t touch
But they can see each other all the time.
You and I dont even have that.


I would love to hear your opinions. 🙂

Before & After

Before I met you

I used to write

Poems that rhymed.


I used to walk

With my shoulders hunched

Before I saw you enter a room.


Before that day

I only used to stay up late

To get lost in the world of fiction.


I was least interested

In any form of social networking

Before I had your name and number.


I only listened to pop

Ignored the classics

Before I heard you.


These days, I listen to classics

Eagles and Floyd,

Because you love them.


I change my statuses

On social networking sites

More than often, to catch your eye.


I lay awake at night

Waiting for your texts,

And chatting with you the days I’m lucky.


These days, I walk with tall

Not with the same swagger as you,

But near.


But most importantly,

After I met you

My poems lost their rhyme.



Happy World Poetry Day, especially to all my muses who will never read my poems, but are the reason I write.


Every time I post a poem, its like freeing a piece of myself, I can’t put that feeling into appropriate words. But again, I’m never sure if it is good enough because I never really think about it too much before or after writing it. It takes me a complete day to convince myself to post a particular poem! So please, pardon my mistakes here..

Oh, and people who know me in real life, if you read this poem, NEVER mention it infront of me. Just read it and forget it. No questions. This poem might not mean what you think it means.


A 15-year-old girl

A life spent in books

A dreamer without hope

Not proud of her looks.


A 16-year-old boy

Twist-and-turn of fate

A lot of wasted time

An apology too late.


A couple of people

With unfulfilled dreams

Sky-high expectations

Not as easy as it seems.


An apparent friend

Back-stabbing betrayer

Green-eyed jealousy

Fruitless over a player.


Scars unnoticed

Pain gives hope

That feelings still exist

No other way to cope.


In Vain

For people who have read my poems before: I wrote this more than a year back, in a melancholy and dramatic mood. Pardon me if the poem sounds dumb. I’m… just insanely insecure about this.

For people who are reading my poems for the first time: Don’t judge me on this. Check out some other poems before that. ;-P

Flashback, but I can’t find

the day I first met you

You were there in the background

But really, I had no clue


That one day , you would be

all I’m going to search for

I can see you, but can’t find you

You’re not who you were before.


Those dark eyes, that innocence

Its still seems the same

But it isn’t, not even close

So my love goes all in vain.


In this life, I won’t find

That same boy I knew

He’s been gone awhile now

No hint, no adieu.


Some day, in some other life

We’ll meet again

And that day, I’m sure

My love won’t go in vain.

Tik tok….

Tik tok, tik tok

Time flows

Slips through

Waits for none.


Tik tok, tik tok

Bizarre thoughts

Come and go

Can’t concentrate.


Tik tok, tik tok

Words jumble up

Formulas don’t enter

The stubbborn brain.


Tik tok, tik tok

New stories made

All the time

Inside her head.


Tik tok, tik tok

Her pen flies

Not Maths

Or Physics.


Tik tok, tik tok

Paper snatched

Concentrate on

Making a brighter future.


Tik tok, tik tok

Sleepy eyes

The stubborn brain

Still not listening.


Tik tok, tik tok

Fast asleep

Tiny snores

Dreams are safer.



Rain, rain, go away, come again another day………

I don’t know if it is a good idea to post this poem. Its personal, its melodramatic, its raw, its probably even stupid. But something is telling me post it anyway. So here goes nothing…
I love rain.

You were my rain
As well as my umbrella,
Shading me from happiness,
Or perhaps the pain.

You were my thunderstorm
In a sunny day.
Clouding over gloomily
But I still loved it.

There were times
When you were a storm
Uprooting my senses
Ripping my heart apart.

At times you were a drought
Leaving me empty
Not a word or glance
Not flicker of hope.

You are like the monsoon rain
Erratic, but eagerly awaited.
A smile from you, a word or two
Feels like all the gloom is washed away.

Now you are the occasional drizzles.
The sky opens up surprisingly
Drenching me in happiness,
But its always temporary.

Because I know
I love rain.
But it wants me to be a desert.

*fingers crossed*


Rainy mornings

History classes

Running around

Yellow grasses.


Gray bulidings

Dark skies

Faded smiles

Darker lies.


Fooling around

Wasting time

Unknown future

Forgotten rhyme.


Blowing wishes

Watching stars

Blinking fireflies

Glowing jars.


Familiar masks

Unfamiliar faces

Hidden motives

Beneath graces.


Past memories

Whisper today

Had enough,

Time to pay.



P.S.- Thanks Bhramori and Aditi for helping with this poem. I can’t believe it took me months to write the whole thing. I wonder how much longer it would take my brain to function without your help. 🙂

In the memory of..

Today in school we had to write some lines about a very recent tragedy which took place in a neighbouring country. Here’s what I wrote…


Silence over

A school building

Hatred echoes.


Mothers crying

Tears of loss

Over spilt milk.


Thousands of people

Candlelight marches

Won’t bring them back.


Some broken words

Put together in a poem

Won’t wake them up.