Hello! I am Sreepurna, 20 years old, from India.

This blog is a place where I like to share my thoughts, and more often than not these thoughts are related to either books or music. You’ll find plenty of book reviews here, some reading list / recommendations, music playlists (even ones for specific books). I have even posted random things like some of my (pityful) attempts at writing, or little quotes and song lines that spoke to me.

It would make me the happiest if you decided to follow me on this crazy journey.

Give your feedbacks in the comment boxes for the different posts and I’ll make sure to follow you.

Find me on Gmail: sripurnadutta8@gmail.com

Find me on Instagram: @afterthoughts_


24 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi there! You asked if you could help with my blog tour! 🙂 I would absolutely love to have you as a part of it! Is there a way I can contact you off of WordPress? An email, perhaps? Just drop a message in the Contact part of my blog, so I can fill you in on what’s going on!

    Thanks! ^^

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      1. I didn’t tell u??????? She won it in a reality show last Saturday.. Its called maa-er super kid and it happens colors bangla… She won all 3 rounds.. And she bullied me into writing this whole reply.. -_-

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    1. This is such an amazing tag!! Thank u !!!!!

      Buuuuut, I have my exams next month so i’ll have to get to it after mid-september..:-(

      i’m doing alright, just going a bit crazy with studies, and also kinda upset that I have only 3 months of school life left..

      What about you? 🙂

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      1. No problem!
        Ugh exams… 😦 I’m having mine pretty soon, so I understand. Good luck, Sripurna!
        Remember to de-stress every once in a while!
        Oddly enough I am super excited to be done with school! I guess, school for me is getting really boring and I’m sort of having mix feelings about college (like, excited but nervous).

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      2. Thanks!
        Actually we have this amazing group friends in school, and school life has been way too happy.Plus there are certain “people” i’ll really miss once school is over, if u get what I mean..:-P So i dont want school to be over..:-(


    1. I was actually wondering where you went.. I even mailed you some days ago..and now that my exams have arrived, I have zero time to blog!! Good thing you commented here, or else i’d have missed the post!!! ☺😀


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