Kulti- Mariana Zapata- Review


“Trust me, I’ve wanted to punch you in the face a time or five.”

When the man you worshipped as a kid becomes your coach, it’s supposed to be the greatest thing in the world. Keywords: supposed to.

It didn’t take a week for twenty-seven-year-old Sal Casillas to wonder what she’d seen in the international soccer icon—why she’d ever had his posters on her wall, or ever envisioned marrying him and having super-playing soccer babies.

Sal had long ago gotten over the worst non-break-up in the history of imaginary relationships with a man that hadn’t known she’d existed. So she isn’t prepared for this version of Reiner Kulti who shows up to her team’s season: a quiet, reclusive, shadow of the explosive, passionate man he’d once been.

Nothing could have prepared her for the man she got to know.

Or the murderous urges he brought out in her.

4 stars

This book has been a fresh experience for me.

1. I know nothing about soccer.

2. I am terrible, terrible at sports.

3. I generally skip sports related books.

I don’t know why I picked up Kulti. It is so different from my usual genre. But it had an alpha male hero, and the blurb appealed to me. The moment I started reading the book, I was hooked. No there wasn’t much action actually to be fair. But something about the slow but steady pace of the book was really soothing.

Reiner Kulti: oh my god I loved him. Few words. Much passion. He was just so.. Kulti. *_*

Salomé Casillas: One of my favorite femae leads. She is so freaking kickass. I never thought I’d like a character who was a sportswoman (because, you see, I am terrible at sports and feel jealous of any girl who is “sporty”), but Sal was totally amazing. No drama, so much passion in her as well, and the way she handled Kulti *hats off*

Writing style: I loved the writing style. Its different. The author cuts scenes at important points, but if she didnt cut it there it would just be another cliched book. And Sal’s narrative is super-cool, even with the slow pace, she manages to keep your attention on the pages.

Storyline: This was the only drawback of the book- its a bit unrealistic. Sal was Kulti’s no.1 fan, do you really get to meet and also end up having a love story with your favorite celebrity? I mean, I get that she was a soccer player too, and their fields collided, but still, c’mon..(I am also a bit jealous here, like, how does Sal get Kulti, and I dont even get to meet Christiano Ronaldo? *rolls eyes at self*)

Buuut everything else made up for this little problem, and truth be told, its not THAT unrealistic as well. In fact, the pace and other incidents in the story are REALLY realistic. Overall, its a book I wont be forgetting very soon.

Have you read it? Do you want to? What’s your opinion about sports related books? Comment below.

In the meantime, happy reading guys! 🙂

– Sripurna ❤

PS: Now I am going to go back to dreaming of Christiano Ronaldo coaching me for a football match. Ya right. XD

Bleeding Hearts Series – A.Zavarelli – Review

I am a nice person, but this series calls for some serious negative reviewing.

Echo (Bleeding Hearts #1)


“How far would you go to save someone you love? Would you give up your body? Your mind? Your heart?

I did and it cost me everything.

He says he owns me. And it’s true.

I’ve signed over complete control of my body and life for six months to a man I don’t know. Five years he’s been planning this. They say revenge is a dish best served cold. But my blackmailer serves it up white hot. He’s addicted to my innocence, and I’m addicted to him.

He likes to hurt me. I love to let him. He brings me to life. He sets me free. He makes my heart feel things it shouldn’t.

But he also scares me. He holds the fate of my brother’s life in his hands. A life behind bars for crimes I know he didn’t commit. My blackmailer can’t give up his revenge on my family, and I can’t be with him if he doesn’t. But I’m nothing more than a butterfly caught in his net. Do I really have a choice?”

I thought this would be some nice dark romance with a typical alpha male hero and simple heroine. But who knew this would be like a terrible terrible version of Fifty Shades Of Grey?

First of all, how many of you found Anastasia Steele spineless? Most people, I know. But Brighton Valentine is definitely Queen Of Spineless. She makes Anastasia look clever and sensible and fiesty and cool. That bad.

Now we go on to Mr. wanna be Christian Grey, a.k.a Ryland Benett. Billionaire with dark past, dark lifestyle, chaffeurs, beautiful houses- rings a bell? In this first book, I HATED Ryland. He is simply an egoistic asshole for this entire book.

Next, the book begins by stating that Brighton and Braydon are twins. Twins? What twins?? She claims to be doing everything to save her brother, but in every damn scene: Enter Ryland. Brighton: Brother? Who brother? I just looooove Ryland already. -_- Ya right.

I am not even going to waste my time describing the vatious other loopholes in this story. Moving on…

Stutter (Book 2 which I read because I am dumb)


“Someone once told me that happiness is fleeting. I can see now that he was right.

I’m trapped in a black hole of darkness I can’t seem to crawl out of. My twin and my lover want each other dead and I’m pregnant with a baby I don’t know how to protect.

Ryland says he will do anything to get me back, but how do you trust the man who almost killed you? When every option before you comes at a cost, how do you choose the right path?

People say that history has a way of repeating itself. Six years after the fact, my father’s actions are still haunting me. When I learn about an old debt yet to be settled, everything changes. It might not matter who I trust anymore when my every breath brings me one step closer to the end of this twisted game.”

Imagine my sense of deja vu when Brighton leaves Ryland in the end of the first book *sarcastic shocked face*

Instead of Brighton’s solo and whiny POV we have alternate dual POVs which makes it a little, very little bit bearable.

But it still has weird behaviour from Ryland, nauseating cheesiness, absolutely obvious results to so-called “mysteries” and more possessive Ryland (which I kinda liked *shrugs*) .

The ending to the series was, to be straightforward, very anticlimactic. I don’t mind predictable, but absolutely copy-pasted is something I really hate.

So my opinion: Even though this series has graaaand reviews on Goodreads, and boasts of mystery, darkness and romance, its actually nothing. Except sheer wastage of time.

And lesson: Never read POVs of alpha males. They are always portrayed as romantic saps on the inside. They are better as mysteries.

Hearts series by L.H. Cosway

Some times, some books leave a mark on your heart.

The first book of this series, Six Of Hearts, was lying in my TBR list for a long while. Three days ago, I decided I should give it a go. And hence started my journey with this amazing series, and I’m reading the last book now.

Okay first of all these books have playlists from the author on Spotify, which is not available in my country (yes, my luck). So I’m not going to make playlists for this (Secret: I really wanted to, though).

Aaaand the reviews:

Six of Hearts (Hearts, #1)


Step right up and meet Jay Fields: Illusionist. Mentalist. Trickster.

I think in triangles. You think in straight lines.

I show you a table and make you believe it’s a chair.

Smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand, misdirection. I trick and deceive.

But most of all, I put on a good show.

The world thinks I killed a man, but I didn’t. Bear with me. It’s all a part of the plan.

Revenge is what I want. I want it for me and I want it for her.
I want it for all six of us.

She doesn’t remember me, but she’s the reason for everything. She’ll be my prize at the end of all this–if I can hold onto my willpower, that is. Maybe I’ll slip up a little, have a taste, just a small one.

So go ahead and pick a card. Come inside and see the show. Look at my hands, look so closely that you can’t see what’s happening while you’re so focused on looking. I’ll be destroying your world from right here in the spotlight.

You’ll never see me coming until it’s too late.

I’ve only got one heart, and after I’ve pulled off my grand deception I’ll hand it right to her.

So, sit back, relax, and let my girl tell you our story. You’re in for one hell of a ride.


Jay Fields is the new love of my life. He is funny, arrogant, mysterious, sexy, smart, intelligent, and guess what… he is an illusionist. We get his POV only in the prologue of the book, and the rest of it is the female POV. Jay, or Jason, is going to confuse you, frustrate you, and definitely make you love him.

Matilda, our simple, cliche heroine, works for her dad who is a solicitor. She meets Jay Fields here, and he ends up being a tenant at her house. And in the midst of her search for an epic love, this mysterious stranger complicates everything. Predictable much? Do I care?

“Life is more fun with a little smoke and mirrors.“- Jay.

I must give the author a standing ovation for the way she potrayed the magic tricks. It felt like I was watching a magic show live, with my very own eyes, her words literally painted a picture. I can imagine how much research that took. I am glad to finally find a book which shows strain in relations with proper reasons, not just “Hey I meet you, you look great, lets get together, oh no problem, and then solution, and happily ever after”. That is what romance books have become. But no siree, this book, I loved. This book, was different.

All over this beautiful magical story captured my heart. Its unique concept, fresh characters (except Matilda, she is cliched like i mentioned before), and enchanting presentation makes it a 5 stars rating worthy read.

And just a piece of advice:

“Never try to out-trick a trickster.”– Matilda.

Hearts of Fire (Hearts, #2)


The Circus Spektakulär is proud to present Jack McCabe: Fire-breather, knife-thrower, risk-taker.

My house burned down when I was just a boy, robbing me of both my parents.

Now I breathe fire, eat the poison that almost killed me.

Crowds come to see me night after night. Men for the spectacle, women for the thrill. I’m an oddity to be stared at and desired. With each flame I spit, I risk my life.

I wear scars on my body that will never go away, but the scars inside my head are far more difficult to overlook.

My brother doesn’t know me, and if I have it my way he never will.

Life was going exactly the way I’d planned until Lille came along. She wanted to run away with the circus, have an adventure, but this world was never meant for her.

I try to keep her safe, because she doesn’t know the dangers that are out here on the road. She doesn’t know the monsters that lurk behind the bright lights of the ring. In truth, I could be considered one of them.

We were fashioned from different cloths, never intended to mix. So I watch her. I try not to touch, even when her eyes invite me.

Join us in the Spiegeltent and let us give you a show. Allow my Lille to draw a picture for you in paint and sweat and skin.

The truest love is always the hardest to let in.

(Take a look at this beautiful, beautiful book trailer I came across on Youtube)

Jack Fields, brother of Jay Fields, is a fire-breather and knife-thrower. Lille is an artist studying business. When they meet at a circus, and Lille flees her house to live with this travelling group, this unlikely couple finds love.

But love isn’t easy. Jack’s past haunts him, he is a quiet man, and is reluctant to give away his heart. Lille is a dreamer, her colorful world is very different from Jack’s. The story takes a turn when mysterious happenings start occurring at the circus, and the two lost souls are brought together.

 photo hearts of fire 2.jpg


Again, another masterpiece by L.H.Cosway. The circus spirit, the suspense, the love, oh my god the feels :3

King of Hearts (Hearts, #3)


Welcome to the City, London’s most prestigious square mile, where finance reigns and Oliver King is a rising prince.

I used to rule the world.

There might be wolves on Wall Street, but there were crocodiles in Canary Wharf. Some of us craved money. Some of us craved power.

I liked money, and power had its advantages, but what I really wanted was to excel, to surpass the men who came before me. I never cared much for love and romance until I met Alexis.

I could feel it the very moment she walked into the interview, with her outspoken charm and vivacious personality. She cast all the others in shadow, made me laugh when life held no humour. Our friendship should have remained professional, but it wasn’t long before the lines started to blur.

You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men? Well, I never foresaw where my plans would lead, and only in my darkest hour did I finally see the light…

You can have all the money and prestige in the world and still be the poorest man alive. And love, well, I hate to use a tired old cliché, but love can be the thing that truly sets you free.

“And I fear if I made you my queen, I could no longer be a king.”

I thought i wouldn’t like this book so much. We had met King in the previous book , and he was a raging alcoholic, beyond repair. Half of this book is an explanation of his past.

But then you get to know the previous version of King and oh my god, he definitely rules hearts. I won’t say anything about him. Because I won’t be able to stop. :3

Alexis Clark is a fantastic female lead. She is super-smart, super-cool, and the banter- god help me- fabulous.

^(Okay did anyone else have 50 shades of Grey-ish deja vu with this picture?)

The ending, it was a bit farfetched. I wish they showed King as a better person in the previous book, I would have believed more in his redemption chances.

But I still loved it, because which romantic person does not love a happy ending? 😀

Hearts of Blue (Hearts, #4)


She upholds the law. He breaks it.

Two blue hearts, both alike in bravery
In not-so-fair London, where we lay our scene
From gun crime to petty theft
Where family is blood and survival makes hands unclean
In this place, we find two hearts who should be foes
And yet, amidst the turmoil their love still grows
Misadventure abounds and the divide will bring them strife
But with luck, death doesn’t always mean an end to life.

Currently reading. Watch this space for review. 🙂

CAUTION: This series is only meant for romance lovers, or want-to-be-turned-into-romance-lovers.

Have you read this series? Do you want to? Any other book you want to recommend to me from this genre? Comment box awaits!

Happy reading  guys!

-Sripurna XO