February 2016 playlist

Books. Exams. Schedules.

Letting go. Flashbacks. Walks.

New friends. Old friends. New crushes. Old ones.

That was my February, and here are the songs that played in my head all month.

1) Tullianum- Eluvietie : Just 24 seconds long, and i didn’t even really understand the lyrics. But it broke my heart.

2) The Summer Of ’69- Bryan Adams : I get re-obsessed with this song all the time XD

3) Daylight- Maroon 5 : Started watching The Voice, fell in love with Adam Levine All. Over. Again. And that led to hearing his songs over and over and over again. This one stuck.

4) Sherlock Theme : I don’t even watch Sherlock. But some memories..

5) It Ain’t Pretty :…when a heart breaks. It wasn’t pretty, at all. (Lady Antebellum)

6) Lately- The Helio Sequence : Damn song

7) Hotel California- Eagles: Always loved this song, but some people just take songs and roll them into a ball and stuff it into your head. Of course, his voice isn’t perfect and he often goes off tune, but ask me if I hear recordings of his songs or the original Eagles version more? *shrugs*

8) Come Wake Me Up- Rascal Flatts: But I know I’m not lucky enough for all this to be a dream.

9) Hamdard- Arijit Singh: Memories.

10) Har Kisi Ko- Arijit Singh: Two voices mingling. Its just that hearts don’t mingle so easily.

What where the songs that YOU heard this last month of winter?




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