Legend says…

They say you are worthless, you never have and never will deserve my love, and sometimes at night, when the lights are long gone, I wonder if they are right. But in the morning , when I see you again, I don’t remember a single reason for not loving you. They say you are Narcissus, obsessed with your own self, selfish and oblivious to love coming from any other direction. They say I’m Echo, forever pining away for her “perfect” Narcissus, with no real life of her own. They say this story ends with me wasting away without your love and you drowning in your own vices. And I believe them. I know its true. But maybe I want to be Echo, maybe I want you to be Narcissus, just so that history carries our names together, binding them to each other in an inseparable bond. Maybe all I want is to be remembered, but only with you.

For the legend of Narcissus and Echo :http://www.echo.me.uk/legend.htm

23 thoughts on “Legend says…

      1. Sorry, got too carried away with excitement. 😛 I meant, you actually wrote a post using the story of Echo and didn’t tell me ANYTHING about it! That’s called cruelty, you know.

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      2. Nooo.. That is the whole point! XD
        I stayed in our complex.. But we have programs here EVERYDAY.. And I have Suchismita here who gives me enough company.. and since both of us are equally crazy, we had loads of fun! XD

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      3. I’ll tell u about the sight, u’ll ger why.. And that wasnt the only reason. WE really did have fun. Every evening we had these performance by residents here. Skits, dramas, dance, songs,… its too detailed to type out. I’ll tell u on Wednesday! 🙂


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