Autumn Book Tag

I saw this tag in The Worn Bookmark and decided that I haven’t done one in a long time! 😀 And plus this one seems super-short and I’m super-lazy, so you can do the math 😛

What is your favorite thing about Autumn?

We don’t really have the typical “autumn” here in India. WE have really unpredictable during this time period, and I love that as well as hate it. ^_^

What book reminds you of your school days?


I read this book AGES ago as a kid, and it isn’t even really good, but it very school-ish.



Errr, lots of memories. I’m sure my classmates will understand. 😉

What book cover reminds you of Autumn?


Obviously, this one will be a very common choice.


What is your favorite horror or Halloween film?

Ummm, I hate horror movies. I haven’t watched ONE. Sorry. The scariest ENGLISH horror movie I watched was The Monster House (they gave it on Cartoon Network). Its a very cute movie. 😛

Can I mention Hindi movies? Then its:

Uggh, creepy..

What Fall book release are you most looking forward to?


😀 😀 CoHo!!!!

What Autumn movie release are you most anticipating?

None. I’m not a movie person. And waiiiiit a second, I thought this was a BOOK tag!

What are three books you plan to read this Autumn?

Any three?


I’m in a historical romance genre reading spree. 😛

So that’s it !!!! If you want to do the tag, just comment below! 😀

13 thoughts on “Autumn Book Tag

  1. I remember Monster House! It was really a cute one! 😀 But please, Naina was STUPID, not horrific. But then again, all Bollywood “horror” movies fall into that category. :/
    P.S. Those covers for the last 3 books you mentioned… so beautiful! ❤ ❤

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    1. I know right? Specially the Bridgertons Happily Ever After one..<3
      Oh please, I can't take any more horror. If Naina was my limit, then you can understand, right?
      And Monster House!! Dat story of the old couple was soooo cute!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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  5. thebooklander

    This post just makes me smile, primarily because it has Julia Quinn and Lisa Kleypas in it! 🙂 My two most favourite historical romance authors! You are definitely going to love Just Like Heaven! ❤ ANd Friday Harbor is such a good holiday read too! ❤ Happy reading! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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