***Some characters in this tale might be real but the feelings and events portrayed are PURELY fictional. Okay so maybe ALL the events aren’t fictional, but the feelings DEFINITELY are.***

I walk down the staircase with my friends, wondering where he is. He is supposed to have an extra class after school, so I assume he is in his classroom. But I can’t help but hope to catch a glimpse of him before the four-day holiday we’ll have this weekend. Just then, as I spring down the familiar grey stairs, I see him on the landing walking up, probably going back to his class. He must have gone downstairs to fetch water. As he walks up, neither of us look at each other. His usually arrogant but cheerful face is grave and serious and its obvious that he isn’t making eye-contact on purpose. He passes right by me although there is a lot of space in the wide staircase. My heart beats so loud that I can actually hear it. He is so uncharacteristically silent that it is ridiculous. My friend not-so-subtly clears her throat from behind us. He still keeps his head low, and my eyes are on the ground too, although I can see him from my peripheral vision. And suddenly, just like that, the moment is over. He has reached the above landing and taken the next flight of stairs, while I have proceeded to the one below. He is gone, and I won’t see him for the next four days. But I am left with a realization- although I never meant to, I’ve fallen, and I’ve fallen hard.

I wrote this on Friday evening, and for some reason its kind of freaking me out. :-/

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