What’s your favorite word ??

(First published 10 months ago)

My post about favorite songs (Share your Melody) got really interesting replies, and I’m urging more people to share their views. But today I have a new question, one that I love asking people. I don’t know if any of you have ever given this a thought, but-

All of us have this one (or a few) favorite word(s). A word that tells our story. A word that perhaps no one else will know the significance of. Whenever this word is uttered, you stop for a second and THINK. Or maybe you just like the way it sounds on your lips, or the meaning of the word, or the fact that it is rarely used. Whatever the reason is, each of us have a story behind this word.

So think about it share your favorite word…I mean, really, leaving a comment is not going to hurt you…:-P



P.S.- I have two favorite words- memory and paramour…:-)


10 thoughts on “What’s your favorite word ??

  1. Bhramori Dutta

    1. U spelt ‘their’ wrong
    2. Memory is one of my favourite words too! 😀
    3. I love usually have an instant liking for any word that has an ‘s’ or ‘l’ sound in it.
    My really favourite words, though, are: laurel, lullaby, quintessential, lyre, souvenir, linger, quaint, moonbeam, sunbeam…. um, I should stop now 😛

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