Love : What/ Who does that word make you think of?

Sounds so cheesy, right?? What can I say, I’m one of those girls. Those hopeless romantics who think that love is the solution to all problems. And if you are anything like me, then you get my question. Right? So who do you think of when you hear this insanely common, often misinterpreted, confusing word? Or what do you think is the meaning of “love”? Here are a few of the definitions of love I found lying around (Just for the fun of it) : So are you suffering from amor deliria nervosa?? (uh, it means love.. “Delirium” reference). Okay, so even if its not romantic love, it must remind you of SOMEONE?? Or atleast a word? A definition? A dream? Me and my comment box eagerly await your stories. ❤


32 thoughts on “Love : What/ Who does that word make you think of?

  1. Why did you have to post this, Sripurna? It has opened up a floodgate of emotions! Now you’re gonna pay the price because I’m gonna start rambling. 😛
    We were talking about Hero earlier, right? Well, I’m still not done with it… This may sound incredibly pathetic and naive of me but I have ALWAYS wished that someone would sing that song for me. Like, I don’t want just anyone; I want THE ONE. I don’t know but it seems like to my friends seventeen year olds shouldn’t be thinking that way; we should be all about having a boyfriend (for a few months? 1 year? 2?) and dumping him, then going for another one because we’re young and we have so much time left to explore. BUT I believe in true love, in soulmates. I mean, yeah, I’m not gonna immediately marry the guy or anything but I don’t want a fling; I want something concrete. My friends say it’s because of the books I read and maybe it is but it’s like my friends and I, we’re made of different materials.
    And it is so STUPID of me to be thinking this way, especially after being hurt by so many people (but never a boyfriend, ’cause I’ve never had one), friends, crushes, family. Despite everything I still think that there might be a guy who is different; who is made just for me and hurting me would equal to him hurting himself tenfold.
    I really don’t understand where this hope comes from but some days it’s here; some days it’s gone.
    I seriously have issues…

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    1. These are the moments I’m glad I opened a blog and get to talk to people I wouldn’t have otherwise. Because it looks like you and I have similar problems. And most people around me cannot relate to this situation. All my friends either have boyfriends or are blissfully single. But me, I just can’t not HOPE. I should have probably learnt my lesson, with all the stuff that happened in the past (Long and boring story, gonna bore u so I won’t get into that). But I can’t help it.

      Its probably the books, you know. We have this kind of expectation, and a love for HEA, and want life to be that way.

      Hero.. Well, u r not alone in that. I wish someone FELT that way for me. (You know, my friend’s boyfriend ACTUALLY sang it to her !!) And the concept of THE ONE, I can only blame books, but its not only that. It feels just wrong to even think of sharing that moment with anyone but THE ONE, however naive it sounds. Well atleast that’s the case for me.

      U know the worst thing about having crushes? In the end, nothing matters. No matter how much extra time you spend infront of the mirror, or how much you spend on that dress to try to catch his eye, sometimes “love” just remains unrequited. And I say “love” because I still haven’t found out whether I can equate love with certain really strong and long-time crushes. *sigh*

      I wonder if all that I wish for is even possible? Does all that even happen in real life?

      Well, looks like I’m the one rambling.. 😛

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  2. I really like this post. There’s just so many definitions of love. It’s different kind of love for everyone. To me, I see a lot of selflessness and sacrifice with love. I grew up believing in God so a definition of love for me is that (God is love). Then there’s my family and I would do anything for them. There’s my friends and that’s a different kind of love. Then there’s the guy who I wish was my boyfriend and I’ve been in love with him for years lol but in the end, for me, all these examples displays acts of absolute selflessness and sacrifice.

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    1. I agree with you that love has a different meaning for everyone. But I like your version, selflessness and sacrifice. Might sound preachy, but only those who’ve known that kind of love will get it.
      Oh, and best of luck with that guy you love! You never know, your wish might just come true! *fingers crossed*, because I know how it is to be in your position. 🙂

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      1. 😦 That’s just sad. And you can’t even blame anyone else here. And its so rare that two people actually fall in love with EACH OTHER. Its usually all one-sided (except in books, everything is always a fairytale in books). Its terrible to lose potential true love. There is NO way to contact him? Because I think you shouldn’t let him go..

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      2. You can’t really say that?? Tell me honestly, you don’t even have a LITTLE bit of hope? Some wishful thinking? I don’t know either of you but it seems like you two are like fire together, so necessary, yet so destructive. But necessary.

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      3. I hope so
        If it’s meant to be it will ❤️
        I’m alright and my friends are getting better ^.^ and thanks for the help. I must sound like some psychotic person who tells everyone their life story xD
        What about you tho? You talk like you’ve experienced something like this too?

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      4. No no, you sound like an awesome person who feels with her entire heart and isn’t afraid to share her story. 🙂
        And perhaps I sound like a overtly nosy person, but well, I AM a curious person. 😛
        My story, not so interesting, and perhaps not so tragic either. I wouldn’t mind sharing, but you sure you wanna hear a typical cliche story?

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      5. Okay, so I was( or maybe am) in love with this guy since third grade. Too young? I guess, but I can swear it was love even then. He probably used to like me in that silly kiddish way of nine-year-olds, at least everyone said he did. Then we grew up. Middle school. He got his first girlfriend. I had a surgery (ya, well hi-5 :-P) and was absent for about the whole of sixth grade. Seventh, eight and ninth grade passed, me pining and dying for his attention, and him just plain ignoring me. And then at the end of tenth grade, just before changing schools, he apologised. He apologised for hurting me, and said that maybe we COULD have been something but since none of us spoke up, nothing happened. Then he left school. Summer of 11th grade, I had chicken pox, he texted me. We used to text pretty regularly till December. My school bus and the bus he returns home in often cross each other on the road while we came home from school. (Fate. He chose a school near my house, I chose a school near his. And we have the same school timings).
        Then abruptly he stopped texting me. And I’m too proud and afraid to sound clingy, so I didn’t text either. Now I just hear from his friends about his new girlfriends, how he smokes cigarettes all the time, and sometime notice him on the road from my bus. That’s it. But I don’t know why I feel like I probably still might have feelings for him.

        And this isn’t the end. Lets start a parallel story. A new guy joined our school in sixth grade. From ninth grade, we became pretty good friends, although we both were POLES apart. He was one of those popular jocks (but very unpopular in our own grade). No one from our grade talked to him, he used to spend his time with juniors and seniors. But then we became friends and sometimes spent lunch breaks together. But then we kinda drifted apart. NOW, after two years, I see him and realise I MIGHT like him in a more than a friend sort of way. But guess wat, he doesn’t like me at all. (Surprise? Not so much…) This is not like the first love thing, but it stills hurts.

        Okay, that is the end to my “sad” sob story. Lame, huh? I’m just one confused and unlucky person.

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      6. That wasn’t lame at all actually. And you know what guy number one sounds like a total fuckboy (excuse my language). I guess he just likes to play with people’s feelings. You are a sunrise and he is a blind man. You deserve to be loved in the right way and he can’t do that. (Atleast not now) And tbh, smoking is very unattractive and harmful to health so I disapprove of that.
        Ps- everyone is afraid of being to clingy xD

        About the other dude, he might like you. You said you were bestfriends right? Well haven’t you heard the quote, “A guy and a girl can never just be bestfriends. They’ll fall for eachother, maybe too late, maybe at the different times, maybe temporarily or maybe forever.” So he might like you. I think you should tell him. Or get a friend to do it for you.
        He might like you too 🙂

        Even if he doesn’t, unrequited love is beautiful. There’s something about loving the skies and asking for nothing in return is amazing. It’s so selfless. ^.^ and I’ve had my fair share of it too. xD

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      7. I HATE smokers.. I hv some weird things against them.. you know, he wasn’t like this at all.. I don’t know what d hell happened to him.. guess I wasn’t ever even close enough…:-(

        As fr the second guy he’s so popular and all..we weren’t BEST friends, bt we were pretty good friends.. but he’s him and i’m me so I don’t know how anything can happen at all..:-(

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      8. *fingers crossed* I hope so xD
        And oh my god I have such a bad habit of falling in love of my guy bestfriends.The first time was a fail. (I never told him) but It was completely unrequited. He like this other girl because she was hot xD

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