Quote Of The Day #54

To people who they think they are too awesome,

I swear you’re not. You DO make mistakes. And pretending to be amazing doesn’t make you that. I promise you. Its good to have confidence, but please judge yourself before judging others.

– A very pissed off version, not-the-usual-polite-person-I-pretend-to-be Sripurna.


7 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #54

      1. ?????? How on earth does it remotely connect??? Dude, why would I do that????
        Sorry, I was thinking on a COMPLETELY different line, I can’t relate!!! 😛


      2. I’m still confused as to y u got the connection.. The whole thing was about being real and fake!! 😦 I’m kinda sad that u even THOUGHT that! 😦 And the person it was written about remained completely clueless… *shakes head*

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