11 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #53

    1. True, but I love his old songs more than the recent ones. Hero, Somebody’s Me and Why Not Me..

      This isn’t even my favorite line in the song. Have u heard that line that goes, “I’m not afraid of dying but I am afraid of losing you”? I know its cheesy, but its sounds sooo good when Enrique sings it!! 🙂 And there goes Me fangirling over this guy..

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      1. Totally with you on that! His new songs are more uhh upbeat and different, IMO.
        And Bailamos is great for dancing (awkward flailing).
        Yup yup, and then it goes into the chorus. You are talking to the Queen of Cheesy, I love me some cheesy, always makes me happy. And he’s like crooning it and I melt, I swoon, I die…
        OMG did you watch him singing Hero live? He almost always calls a girl up to the stage! What I would do to be one of them…

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      2. :-O Don’t ever mention LIVE to me. I live in India. NO ONE performs live here! Atleast not those who matter.. 😛

        And OMG, have u heard the beginning of Hero??? When he whispers, Let me be your hero?? His voice!!!!!

        I’m risking sounding desperate-for-views here, but if you like cheesy, then you might wanna check out my last post. Borderline-insane-ly cheesy. 😛

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      3. Haha got it. 😛 I was talking about YouTube (I’ve never seen him or any other singer live). 😦
        I KNOW… That voice can kill..
        I am going to check it out right now, thanks for letting me know! (No, you don’t sound desperate at all) 🙂

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