What Taylor Swift Song Are You?

You are Teardrops on My Guitar My result:

You are Teardrops on My Guitar

You are in quite the predicament. Like the song “Teardrops on My Guitar” explains, you love someone who loves someone else, and your love interest is completely happy in their relationship. What to do? What to do? Do you tell your friend how you feel and risk losing your friendship, or do you keep your feelings to yourself? It is best to follow the advice given in the song, and to keep your feelings to yourself. If your friend is happy, then let him or her be happy. The right person for you will come along, or if you are convinced that your friend is the one, just have patience. If it is meant to be, then it will be, and an opportunity will arise for you to make your move.

I think they read my mind!!!!

❀ Try it out Swift fans!!!!!

14 thoughts on “What Taylor Swift Song Are You?

      1. You Belong With Me. πŸ˜‰
        Honestly, though, I don’t think it can be trusted. I mean, most of the questions weren’t even applicable to me (if you know what I mean) πŸ˜›

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