One chance to wish..

This lyrics from the song Airplanes frames my question very well. There are so many things we wish for. So many unfulfilled daydreams, so many wistful sighes. But if you had ONE, only ONE chance, which of your million wishes blown would you choose to have fulfilled?? What would YOU wish for if you had one chance??

The comment box is all yours..


6 thoughts on “One chance to wish..

    1. I am not sure.. which is why I asked the question 😃 😃
      It’s not like I can’t choose. It’s more like I can’t decide whether it’s worth wasting my only wish for.. you get me or am I rambling? I tend to do that a lot..:-P

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  1. I guess my wish isn’t so poetic or anything but I would wish to be able to travel as much I want…wherever and to keep learning new things…or I would wish for at least ONE useful skill 😛

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