Summer’s over, back to school…

After one month of lazy mornings, zero studying and whole-night readings, I’m finally back to school, for the last time as I’m in 12th grade now. I’m actually happy. School = Friends+ chatting+ seeing this particular person.

But when you add studying to the equation.. Ahem!

So stealing an idea from one of Amy‘s posts, here’s an overview to me and the subjects that I have to endure/ enjoy.


  • Best to start with the worst. I HATE this subject.
  • My teacher is… indescribable. Bhramori, can you help??
  • My tuition teacher is not around for more than a month. Yay!
  • I can stand Calculus, or matrices and determinants, but Conics- kill me now!!!
  • I need to say this this again- our Maths teacher in school- indescribable. The root of all evils. Sorry ma’am!


  • Second-worst subject.
  • Our Physics teacher is also our class teacher, to make matters worse. Lets not talk about her pronounciations.
  • Electricity and Mechanics- can you die??
  • Light and Atoms and nuclei – my saving grace.
  • Numericals- Thy relation to Maths is a sacrilege.


  • I love one of our chemistry teachers! She’s the best!!! She’s so amazing. Its not like she’s all over-friendly and everything, but man, I respect her. Full-stop.
  • The other teacher..umm, well, lets just say that she’s not as good. Or maybe the fact that she teaches Organic Chemistry make her an antagonist in my life??
  • Not that I hate Organic. I just hate the way she teaches.
  • Chemistry Practicals are awesome as well. I have this lab partner who is also one of my best friends since forever, so we both do our work together. We aren’t actually supposed to have lab partners, but do we care?? 😛
  • And again, Numericals- Thy crimes shall not be ignored.


  • Anyone heard Only Hope by Mandy Moore? “I  know now you’re my only hope” As far as Science subjects go, Biology is my only hope.
  • Our Biology teacher is weird. She just makes us write notes all day long. Its like handwriting practice.
  • Buuuut, my tuition teacher is AWESOME! He’s a Medical student, and has this tendency of making everything sound interesting. Oh, and he knows quite a lot of Latin and other word origins, and often imparts his knowledge. 🙂
  • Well, this is the only subject which makes sense. I mean, this is the only subject which can be called a NECESSITY. Where would you be without doctors??


  • My dad is a Bengali teacher, my entire family has degrees in this language. And its my mother tongue. Needless to say that I’m good at it. I’m not bragging, I swear. I just am good at it.
  • I love one of our teachers. She’s so cute and sweet and teaches real literature.
  • The other teacher though.. I HATE her.. She gives tuitions at home, and her tuitions students get more marks, and know ALL the questions before the exams! How unfair???
  • But I still got the highest in my section and second-highest in my section  last year, so..*shrugs*
  • And I’m totally modest about this subject. 😛


  • ❤ ❤ ❤
  • Obviously, its my favorite subject now that I don’t have History and Geography.
  • Thank you Keith Sir (an ex-teacher at our school) for igniting my love for this subject.
  • Good teacher or bad, good marks or bad ones- NOTHING can lessen my love for English.
  • Specially Literature. I love writing essays, but Literature is a whole different place.


I can’t believe I typed so much today! *raised eyebrows*

Try it out guys, this post is F.U.N. 🙂

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