Every time I post a poem, its like freeing a piece of myself, I can’t put that feeling into appropriate words. But again, I’m never sure if it is good enough because I never really think about it too much before or after writing it. It takes me a complete day to convince myself to post a particular poem! So please, pardon my mistakes here..

Oh, and people who know me in real life, if you read this poem, NEVER mention it infront of me. Just read it and forget it. No questions. This poem might not mean what you think it means.


A 15-year-old girl

A life spent in books

A dreamer without hope

Not proud of her looks.


A 16-year-old boy

Twist-and-turn of fate

A lot of wasted time

An apology too late.


A couple of people

With unfulfilled dreams

Sky-high expectations

Not as easy as it seems.


An apparent friend

Back-stabbing betrayer

Green-eyed jealousy

Fruitless over a player.


Scars unnoticed

Pain gives hope

That feelings still exist

No other way to cope.



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