I’m sitting here typing a post, and then suddenly- everything starts moving.My keyboard, my chair, and my computer!! We just had a minor earthquake here.This is the third earthquake I felt in a month!! I’m hearing that the source was Nepal once again!! 😦


6 thoughts on “Earthquake!!!

  1. Wow, that is scary. I was in 2 minor earthquakes when I lived in California. One of them was moderate at the center of the earthquake but luckily my house was in the outer circle of the earthquake.
    It is scary because when you feel it begin, you have no idea how bad it could get.
    Hope your anxiety is okay now.

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    1. Exactly!! I sat shell-shocked, not knowing what to do, till my Dad entered the room. That’s when I started yelling!! I don’t even live in an earthquake-prone area!! The earthquake measured 7.4 in Nepal, the source!
      I’m still kind of freaked out, but over this month, I’ve got used to this earthquake scare. *sigh*


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  3. I didn’t feel it this time, u know… I was listening to a song and kinda dancing along with it πŸ˜› So there was nothing strange about things moving… πŸ˜›


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