The Liebster Award #2

Thank you Amy from cl0udbusting for nominating me, AGAIN!! ;-P Its been a pleasure knowing you and reading you amazing blog!! Guys, you should totally check her blog out, its super awesome, like her! 🙂 So, moving on..

The Rules:

Once you’ve been nominated, make a post thanking the person who nominated you and linking to their blog.

Include the Liebster Award sticker.

Nominate 10 blogs that you feel deserve this award, and let them know you’ve nominated them by commenting on one of their posts. You can also nominate the person who nominated you if you want.

Ensure that all of these blogs have less than 200 followers.

Answer the 10 questions set by the blogger, and ask 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

Copy these rules into your post.


Amy’s Questions:

1. Top 5 favorite books? (Because one just isn’t enough…)

  • My Sister’s Keeper (Jodi Picoult)
  • If you could see me now (Cecelia Ahern)
  • When It Rains (Lisa De Jong)
  • Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn)
  • Slammed (Colleen Hoover)

😦 But I missed so many books…

2. Do you prefer to be alone or around other people?

Depends. But mostly I prefer to be around other people. Not because I’m a very people’s person or an extrovert or anything, but because it helps me to camouflage myself, it saves me from my own thoughts sometimes. Okay, I think that was too deep..

3. Is there anything you do, like a hobby, purely because you love it?

Reading. Obviously. Its my lifeline.

4. If I were to give you £50, what would you spend it on?

Books!!!! There is NOTHING else I like to shop for.. Okay so maybe I’d spend SOME of the money on cold drinks…

5. Is there anyone that you miss?

Umm.. Errrr… Okay, there is this particular person I’ll always miss, although I don’t know why. Its not like I was ever there in his life in the first place. But…. my heart is just stupid, it doesn’t know how to take a hint.

6. Top 5 favourite songs? (Again, one just won’t do…)

  • Need You Now (Lady Antebellum)
  • The Only Exception (Paramore)
  • Fix You (Coldplay)
  • Teardrops On My Guitar (Taylor Swift)
  • Wake Me Up When September Ends (Green Day)

7. *Cliché* What do you want to ‘be’ when you’re older?

I WANT to be a librarian. Or a book reviewer (is that even a job??). But these are just impossible dreams. I’ll probably have some stupid boring job. *sigh*

8. What are your favourite names?

Great question!!!!

Delilah is my top favorite.. Then there’s Dare, Asher, Adele, Maya, Samantha or Sam, Finn… I find Indian names really complicated but Shruti is is a nice name..

9. At this precise moment, what’s most important in your life?

:-/ Sorry for the boring answer, but my class 12 final exams, getting into college…

10. Why did you begin blogging?

Spur of the moment decision 🙂 But mainly because I wanted to share my opinions about books. What a dumb answer *face-palm*

My Nominees:

Bhramori@ thecrazyperfectionist : Her blog is new, but its awesome, and will continue to be so, take it from me. 🙂

Becca and Books: Responsible for my book tag addiction!! I just love the way her blog is so visually appealing!! 🙂

Senseless Scrutiny: Be it a rant or a review, her posts are so cool!! ❤ You rock, girl !

If We Shadows have offended..: Another great blog. I love the book tags here!!  🙂

And Amy, like last time, I’d love it if you answered the questions!! 🙂

My Questions:

(Including some from my previous Liebster award post, some from cl0udbustings post and some random questions)

1. Five words to describe yourself.

2. What is your best childhood memory?

3. What’s your biggest regret?

4. What’s your favorite song?

5. Favorite thing about yourself?

6. Favorite authors?

7. Who’s your favorite person in this world?

8. Who is your favorite book character and why?

9. Mention three random facts about yourself.

10. Describe your favorite time of the year.

There you go. Aaaaaand my hand hurts from typing, so …. lets end this post here.


10 thoughts on “The Liebster Award #2

  1. 1. Five words to describe yourself.

    Ambitious, Creative, Perceptive, Optimistic, Driven
    There are probably better ones but, I don’t know…

    2. What is your best childhood memory?

    Ah I don’t know if I can choose one! Urm, okay… It’s quite simple, but my dad always used to try and give my sister and I a piggy-back at the same time; it was our special thing. That one of the things I remember most fondly.

    3. What’s your biggest regret?

    Fortunately, I don’t have many ‘big’ regrets but one was prominent recently-ish was becoming briefly involved with this boy who, really, I should have known would only cause me trouble.

    4. What’s your favorite song?

    All Too Well or Treacherous; don’t make me choose!

    5. Favorite thing about yourself?

    That I have direction; I want to go places in life. So many young people nowadays don’t give two hoots so I’m grateful that I am actually motivated to do well – in every aspect of the phrase.

    6. Favorite authors?

    John Green, Malorie Blackman, Rainbow Rowell, Patrick Ness, Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, Cassandra Clare…
    Pretty much standard nowadays 😉

    7. Who’s your favorite person in this world?

    Aside from my family, my best friend, Lottie.

    8. Who is your favorite book character and why?

    Pudge from Looking For Alaska – Probably because I see myself in him but really, I just think his character is so incredibly intelligent, inspiring.

    9. Mention three random facts about yourself.

    One – I recently went on a book-shopping spree. I bought ten…
    Two – Whilst everyone else dreads it, I always look forward to my annual school report. Mainly because I’m just nosy.
    Three – I love cocktail sausages and would eat them excessively if my mum bought them more often.

    10. Describe your favorite time of the year.

    Well funny you should ask because really, it changes depending what time of the year it is. It seems that I’m always looking forward to the next season…

    Hope that’s okay 🙂

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