The Book to Movie Adaptation Quote Tag

So this is called obsession, guys. As you can see I’ve found yet another tag, this time at Read.Run.Study aaaaand I decided to do it! Have a look..


Which author would you read anything, and I mean anything, from?

Colleen Hoover. I’m sure even her grocery lists must be interesting.


Name a character you just want to punch in the face.

Caleb Prior from Allegiant. You all know why… No offense to Ansel Elgort, by the way- I’ll always love you..


Which character from absolutely any book would you volunteer for if our world was anything like the Hunger Games?

Ivan Elbisivni from If You could See Me Now, and Patch from Hush, Hush.. Oh, and Finn from Switched. And Cedric Diggory :-(… Can’t let anything happen to these people.. *shakes head*


Which scary book kept you up all night?

*waking up from a Four haze* Oh, yes the question.. Ummm, I don’t really read horror stuff but Gone Girl still keeps me up with scary thoughts and I keep suspecting everyone in my life 😛 I’m not AT ALL Dauntless..

(yes, again)..


Which character’s journey are you willing to take?’ 

*wiping tears after remembering Walk To Remember*

Anyways, I’d love to be Anna from

Because I’m smart.. No one said the journey has to be difficult or Katniss-like.. Huh, and Etienne is so much better than any other hero.. (I am sooo confused between book boyfriends)..


Which character do you hate but love?

I haven’t watched/read Ender’s Game, but anyways…

I can’t believe I’m admitting this buuut.. Christian Grey… No, I really hate him.. But why does he say those dialogues??? What is wrong with me??

And yes, I haven’t accepted Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey..


Name a book that you lent out and it’s been awhile since you’ve seen it, and you would gladly take it back.

I lent out The Year I met You by Cecelia Ahern a few days back, but I want it back.. 😦


Which book helped you get through tough times?

Some quotes of this book are…. *sigh*


Which character would you stand by with in a war till the very end?

That would be Percy Jackson.. 😀 I’d probably enjoy standing by him in a war!!


Which character would you give Minny’s pie to?

Loved this movie, and LOVED this line!

I haven’t read or watched Twilight, but I know the basic storyline, and I HATE Bella… And Kristen Stewart made it no better.. And I can’t believe I’m wasting this wonderful line on BELLA…

and this is soooo true..

No offense guys, I meant the extreme cases…


2 thoughts on “The Book to Movie Adaptation Quote Tag

    1. 😛 I can’t help it!! Bella really irritates the hell out of me.. And I’ve only watched New Moon.. I can’t imagine going through the whole series. I actually liked Jacob more, soooo…


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