The Chocolate Book Tag

So this is the third installment to my book tag obsession, and dude, its STILL so much fun. I totally stole this off bookarahma (with permission, of course 😛 ). Read away…

1) Dark chocolate: a book that covers a dark topic

Gone Girl kind of does cover a dark topic, and…

Debt by Nina G. Jones was also pretty dark (and awesome) .

2. White chocolate: your favorite lighthearted/humorous read


Wallbanger by Alice Clayton.. 😀


And also Tangled by Emma Chase..

3. Milk chocolate: a book with a lot of hype that you’re dying to read

I’m not really DYING to read Game Of Thrones, but I’m very curious..

4. Chocolate with a caramel center: a book that makes you feel all gooey in the middle while you read it


Anna and Etienne.. I ❤ you guys… *sigh*

5. Wafer free kit kat: a book that has surprised you lately

Surprisingly bad:


Did NOT expect this from Sarah Dessen!!!

Surprisingly good:


After Hunger Games and Divergent, who expected another masterpiece?? Marie Lu, hats off!!

6. Snickers: a book you are going nuts about


Nocte… I’ve tried not to even mention this on my blog.. Because once I start about this, I’ll bore you to death. Just know this- its freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!!

7. Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows: a book that you would turn to for a comfort read

Eva Ibbotson- you’re my home. 🙂 ❤

I tag….whoever loves chocolate 😀

(Just a fact: I actually DON’T love chocolate, but I guess everyone else does.. so…)

14 thoughts on “The Chocolate Book Tag

  1. Oh my god I love this tag! It seems different from the ones going around lately, or at least phrased in a good way. I love dark chocolate so it makes me sad to pick a dark topic XD The only book I’ve read is A Game of Thrones, but I do love your explanations =)

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      1. anonymous

        ah class 12….it has been enough time that i can look back at those times with nostalgia….having fun? 😀 but read it…seriously..he writes well…and you happen to be one of my constant partners in misery *evil grin*

        Liked by 1 person

      2. *voice fileed with sarcasm* yes, having soooooo much fun..
        And plus, if I had school then it’d b different.. But ab toh summer hols chal raha hai.. Even better…


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