Who is your favorite book boyfriend ??

You swoon over them. You dream about them. You love them. They are the ideal, perfectly imperfect, drool- worthy book boyfriends. So who is YOUR favorite?? (Comment box below)

Well I have long list, so I think I’ll make a top 10 list for my next post. I’m really in a hurry right now. πŸ˜›




10 thoughts on “Who is your favorite book boyfriend ??

  1. Bhramori Dutta

    I.. honestly hav no clue how 2 answer this (Note 2 Sreepurna: u. are. mean. Yes, u heard it ri8. MEAN.)
    First off, I don’t dream about guys. I don’t. But as far as swooning and loving are concerned, well, I think I hav an endless list of guys dedicated for that, but I’ll only name the top 3 ones who r coming 2 mind mind ri8 now:
    1. Wes from Truth About Forever (yes, evr since I’ve read d book, his name is d first one dat comes 2 my mind.. *sa-woon*)
    2. Peeta Mellark from THG (I will always ❀ u)
    3. Jace Wayland (or whatevr u'd like 2 call him, really. Just NOT Morgenstern) from TMI (ok, so I dnt swoon ovr him, really, but I definitely luuuuv him, if u knw wat I mean. Sarcastic humour is totally my kind.)
    Also, I'd feel super-guilty if I didn't mention Percy from PJO here. I mean, a guy who wud hold up d sky 4 u, leave a luxury 5-star island n come back 2 fight a deadly war so dat he can be by ur side, and the ultimate – who wud JUMP INTO TARTARUS jst 2 be with u – a guy like this definitely wins my heart. So there u go Percy, I luv u. And I daresay, u're the most endearingly clumsy boyfriend ever. "Imperfectly perfect" – dat's u.

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    1. Haha, it must have been hard, but thanks for answering anyway.. πŸ˜€
      And I get u, but again- I love Jace but I dont luuuuuuuuvv Jace.. πŸ˜‰
      And you read my mind about Percy. I luuuuuuuv him πŸ™‚


      1. Bhramori Dutta

        Yeah, well, I’d never have commented on this one if u hadn’t been so irritatingly insistent.. *grumpy face*
        And as for Jace, Jace-Jace-Jace-Jace-Jace-Jace-Jace….. that’s how my mind’s been working for the last few days. No exaggeration.
        And Percy, well, he’s Percy, isn’t he? U can’t help but luv him. Correction, luuuuv him. He’s d cutest, loveliest, sweetest, bravest boyfriend ever. Annabeth’s so lucky!


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