How did your 2014 go?

If you look back, you’ll notice that most of our lives are depicted as a timeline, the years marking different events that took place. 2005 was the year my sister was born, 2008 was the best school year I’ve had till date, 2013 was when I had dengue, and so on.

As we leave behind another year of our life, its time for some retrospection. What is the first thing that will come into your mind when you think of this year in future? In other words, what were your 2014 highlights??

For me, this year started with a huge event- my ICSE exams (which, surprisingly, went really well). Next up, for class 11, or Junior year, or Lower Sixth or whatever you call it, we had to choose the subjects for higher studies (FYI, I chose the Science stream). The rest of the year was.. well, pretty cool actually. I made new friends, partially got over previous heartaches, read more books than I ever have before… So, summing it up, 2014 was a good year (except for the time I had chicken pox 😦 )

While most people are looking forward to 2015, why don’t you first analyze and remember the past year? Typing is not harmful for health, so feel free to share your thoughts with the help of the comment box. For non-Wordpress viewers who don’t find the comment box- all you have to do is click the name of the post and a new page will open- where you’ll find the comment box right below.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!




One thought on “How did your 2014 go?

  1. I’m glad to hear you had a great year!!
    My year started out pretty uneventful, but turned into the best year of my life! God really worked in my life this year, I made big steps in my faith and I made some great new friendships! It wasn’t all great, I had lots of pain and hurt.

    Looking back is great, don’t get me wrong here. But there is a point when we need to move forward. 🙂 So, onto 2015.


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