Share your melody

All of us have this favorite, no- FAVORITE song, right?? A song that either lifts up your spirits when you’re feeling low, or puts you in a melancholic mood. A song that says exactly what you’re condition in life is. A song that simply pierces straight through your heart.

So what’s your FAVORITE song?

Can’t decide on one? Make a list. And share it through the comment box below. You can use your email id, Facebook or Google+ account to comment.

Sincerely waiting for all your songs,


P.S: My current FAVORITE is probably Need You now by Lady Antebellum. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Share your melody

  1. hmmm. I have a lot of favorite songs, so here are just a few: Everything you do by He is We, Happily Ever After by He is We, Blank Space by Taylor Swift, and All my Love by Ariana Grande. I havent heard the song Need you Know yet, but i will for sure go listen to it as soon as I can!

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    1. Heard all these songs just now and loved them !!!
      If you like Taylor Swift then u should hear Fifteen (if u havent heard it before)…In your first post u mentioned that you don’t have too many frnds and your next posts reveal that you are having a bad week- so listen to Invisible by Hunter Hayes..:-)


  2. Bhramori Dutta

    Right now, my FAVOURITE songs are:-
    Bartender – Lady Antebellum
    Lie with Me – Lady Antebellum
    Just a Girl – Lady Antebellum
    Habits – Tove Lo
    Amnesia – 5 Seconds of Summer
    Le Ja Zakhm Tere – Armaan Malik

    ………and u’ve already heard all of them! 😀

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      1. Bhramori Dutta

        Yes ofc… and I love u for it! ❤ 😀
        Right now, though, my FAVOURITE in the entire list is 'Just a Girl'….. it's kinda running in my mind continuously without ANY competition whatsoever from the other songs… which is, like, quite a thing (considering it's my mind, lol)

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